For many years, I have been sought out by parents, desperately seeking answers and wanting me to help their children change.

Quite often parents come to me frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, and discouraged.  /they complain about how their teen or pre-teen is acting out, by talking back, being depressed, disconnected, defiant, and in many other ways.

They are shocked when I tell them that I cannot help their children directly, but I can help them indirectly; then I see the confusion in their face.

I explain to them that I can help the parents learn how to go from being average parents to becoming extraordinary parents; teaching them how to create the extraordinary results that they are looking for.

Parenting Help

Most parents do not understand that when their children are acting out, the acting out is a symptom to an underlying issue that is buried deep within their ability to relate and the relationship itself, and they may not be able to see it on their own.

The symptoms cannot be cured by treating the symptoms, it has to be addressed at the root cause, and by making the appropriate adjustments at the source, and it transforms the symptom into a new and empowering result.

Most parents do not want to hear that, because they come to me, expecting me to fix their child. When I tell them that there is nothing wrong with their kids, and that I do not fix people, they get even more confused (actually, astonished is a better word).

I explain to them that their child is a powerful, compassionate, and creative human being, with the potential to live a responsible and extraordinary life. I explain to them, that their children do not recognize that part of themselves.

I further explain, that because of the past experiences from their childhood, they have created limiting beliefs, about themselves, their relationships, and the way they think the world works; their children are confused.

Helping Parents Help Their Children

I tell the parents that I can open up some new possibilities for them to re-invent their parenting style, helping them gain some clarity, and new perspectives on how to better serve the interpersonal and emotional growth that their children need from them.

Eighty percent of the parents are bummed, disappointed, and go off into the night continuing to look for that magic pill or the guru that is going to sell them a bunch of books, CD’s and therapy sessions that all deal with trying to fix the symptom– their child.

Parenting Statistics

Twenty percent of the parents, hear me loud and clear; and although they are nervous and afraid, they are anxious and eager to get started. The 20 percenters, as I like to call them–they are warriors, courageous champions, and heroes for their family.

When I work with these parents, I help them to see how some of the disconnects that they have in their own relationships (with themselves and each other) can get in the way and can sabotage their efforts.  As I help them to strengthen their abilities to reconnect and BE more compassionate, patient, and understanding at a whole new level, something powerful starts to happen in their household.

Parents often report instant changes in their children’s attitudes and/or behaviors, results vary depending on the chronic symptoms of anger, sadness, resentment, or disconnect level, as well as the duration of time that their children have operated under these conditions.

How to be a Great Parent

Time after time, family after family; the children always respond. They respond to the commitment level and perseverance of the champion at heart; the champion that Mom and Dad courageously chose to access in their pursuit to save their family before it goes too far down the road; to the point of no return.

I can create the space for parents to grow and develop their full parenting potential, to be able to create for themselves the kind of family life that they always knew possible. I have been doing it for years and more and more parents are stepping up to the plate.

As our world is slowly waking up from the unconscious fog that we have been in for way too long, I am answering the call to more and more champions out there that are ready to create a family life worth living.

Alex Urbina is one of the leading experts on Teen, Parent, and Family Relationships. His vast experience in human potential and personal development has made him one of the premier Family Life Coaches in Personal Transformation and an international trainer.

His experiential Life Leadership Trainings are being implemented in various schools, youth organizations and Transformational Centers across the country, helping to empower people to discover their personal power and to realize their full potential.

Alex is a resident of the Santa Clarita Valley and has a live weekly radio show called “My Conscious Dad”, on the Hometown Station KHTS AM-1220 every Friday at 1 p.m.  This information will enable you to continuously educate you on teen and family relationships; by being the undisputed self-leader in your own life.