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The Parent Life Leadership Training is a two day experiential and educational workshop designed to help all parents learn, discover and re-invent their parenting style; to help them and their children reach their full potential.

For the first six to nine years of your child’s life, they need you to manage their choices and control the outcomes as much as possible; to protect them and keep them safe. At a certain point, what your kids will desperately need most from you, is to transform the current way that you parent; partnering-up with them in this new phase of their life. The wise parents know this, or is starting to realize it.

Realizing that in this new phase, your kids need you to not manage and control anymore, but to empower and inspire them. To recognize that your kids need you to facilitate and coach them through this process, while being compassionate, patient, secure, and entrusting.

Most parents have never learned how to empower, inspire, facilitate or coach very effectively, but do have the ability deep down inside them; this training is the contextual shift you are looking for or don’t yet know that you need. In this workshop you will start to see and learn what is getting in your way, to meet your children where they are, gain their trust, and coach them along their own journey through life.

There is a distinction between average parents and extraordinary parents, the average parent has stopped parenting but gets mad, angry, annoyed or upset because their kids are not winning. The extraordinary parent keeps looking for new ways to re-invent themselves so that their kids win.

It’s never to late to learn how to be the change that you seek in your life or the change that you want to see in your relationships.


Along with your choice to become a parent, should accompany a commitment to teach them how to be powerful, confident and responsible leaders; winning in all of their relationships including the one with them-self. If you don’t know how to teach it, you should at least be honest and courageous enough to learn how.Alex Urbina