by Alex Urbina

My job as a Life Coach is to help average and ordinary people, step up to become extraordinary; people willing to take a deep and honest look at themselves and live in the question.

  • Have you ever questioned your ability to parent effectively?

In today’s advanced world of technology and the many distractions you are faced with on a daily basis, it is very easy to rest on your laurels as a parent and think that you are doing a pretty good job–until it is too late.

  • What separates the average and ordinary parent from the extraordinary parent?

Average parents decide to have children and choose to raise them with the philosophy that, “I will do the best that I can.”

Extraordinary parents take 100 percent responsibility for their children’s results and are constantly figuring out new ways to improve their parenting skills. Average parents get mad and frustrated when their children are not doing what they are told or what they have been asked to do.

Extraordinary parents practice mastering the art of influencing their children to make the kinds of choices that will develop confident and self-assured leaders. Average parents tell their kids what they want them to know, while extraordinary parents ask their children open-ended questions, leading them to discovering their own answers.

  • How much time do you think you really spend with your children on a daily basis?

Recently published research concludes that today’s American, married fathers spend an average of 6.5 hours a week with their children. Married mothers spent 12.9 hours a week and single mothers spent 11.8 hours.

Average parents spend time being around their kids while talking in their general direction. Extraordinary parents spend time being with their kids, looking directly in their eyes, and asking the kinds of questions that will open up long meaningful conversations.

Average parents show their kids love by doing something for them, buying them something, or giving them something special.

Extraordinary parents have developed an ability to be vulnerable enough to express their love for their kids with their emotions or an undeniable way of being.

  • How do children discover a great self -esteem and a strong sense of self?

Children when they are young, go through a natural process of being curious; they want to figure out who they are. When children become teens they go through another natural process; they want to experience themselves as powerful, independent, and capable individuals.

Average parents do not understand this concept; extraordinary parents fully understand this process and are compassionate and patient with it, re-inventing their style of parenting to meet the need of their teenager.

Average parents point out their children’s mistakes while showing their frustration and disappointment. Extraordinary parents see their children’s mistakes as a natural process of growth to develop the critical thinking skills that young adults are going to need in order to navigate the unexpected challenges they will face in the 21st Century to be successful in life.

The average parent plays a part in the arguments they are having with their children; the extraordinary parent does not participate.

If you think there is something wrong with being an average and ordinary parent, there is not. Many children turn out to be amazingly loving, compassionate, and confident adults in life from Mom and Dad who did the best they could.

You just have to ask yourself, Mom and Dad, when you stared into your child’s eyes when they were first born, did you not make a promise to them that you would strive to be the best parent to them?

It’s never too late to recommit to learning how to BE an extraordinary parent, you first must BE willing to do whatever it takes.

Alex Urbina is one of the leading experts on Teen, Parent, and Family Relationships. His vast experience in human potential and personal development has made him one of the premier Family Life Coaches in Personal Transformation and an international trainer.

His experiential Life Leadership Trainings are being implemented in various schools, youth organizations and Transformational Centers across the country, helping to empower people to discover their personal power and realize their full potential.

Alex is a resident of the Santa Clarita Valley and has a live weekly radio show called “my Conscious Dad”, on the Hometown Station KHTS AM-1220 every Friday at 1 p.m. The information will enable you to continually educate your on teen and family relationships; by being the undisputed self-leader in your own life.