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The Teacher Life Leadership Training is a two-day experiential and educational workshop, designed to help all Teachers learn how to get themselves and their limiting beliefs out of the way of their student’s full learning potential.

Have you ever noticed that fish can only grow in proportion to the size of the tank it lives in?

There are many factors that get in the way of healthy learning and potential growth. One main factor is the level of consciousness of the teacher, their ability to master deeper levels of being. Another is their mindset, being aware of their limiting beliefs (weather they are transparent or not) restrict opportunities for growth. Limited perspectives of possibility also gets in the way of a teacher’s commitment to give their students the best they have.

Some of the best and most effective teachers in the world, acknowledge that their students can only learn and grow to the level that which they hold them too. They have realized that they are the context that which holds the space for growth.

The most challenging part for a teacher’s growth, is acknowledging that their next level is not about knowing more, that its about being more.

It’s no secret that students in today’s classrooms need to be stimulated or entertained, to stay focused long enough to learn. Educators are now realizing that they have to re-invent themselves to be interesting and compelling enough to engage their learners.

If you are an educator, and would like to create some profound interpersonal breakthroughs that  reveal your untapped potential in the classroom? this training is for you.


Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn.– John Wesley