One-on-One Coaching
Sit face to face or via video chat with your own personal coach to embark on a powerful and enlightened journey of self discovery with you, that produces the kind of results that you have been yearning for. Get another person on your team that is just as committed as you are to have you win in all areas of your life; you can have results or excuses but you cant have both.

Couples Coaching
Cant figure out why your relationships aren’t working? Its probably because your personal point of views about relationships are a bit skewed. Let your coach open up some possibilities for you both, helping you get on the same page and start creating the magic that you intuitively knows is possible. Learn how to communicate more effectively and watch your results transform right before your eyes.

Business Coaching
You are the source of your success in business, you are also the source of your limitations and the fears that get in the way of your ultimate earning potential. You are the leader and your team is following your lead. If you are coachable, let your coach help you see some of things that you cannot; so that you can make the proper adjustments that will help you create and achieve your goals.

Team Building Workshops
You are an expert at what you do, and you help people with that expertise. Let your coach come in with his expertise at inspiring, empowering and challenging your team to rise to a new level. Be the reason why your team is free’d up from all of their resentments, doubts and fears to be the championship team that you envision. Discover and learn together and create that synergy that fortune 500 companies pays thousands of dollars for to help them be successful.

Relationship Workshops
Who intently taught you how to be affective in relationships? Did you learn in school? Did you learn from reading books? or did you learn from observing your parents in their relationships? No matter where you learned about relationships, most of us DO a relationship, we were never taught how to BE in a relationship. Let your coach give you the opportunity to experience the lessons you need to learn; so you are able to BE the magical ingredient in the successful relationship you are looking for.

Effective Communication Workshops
After 20 years experience in the field of transformational life-coaching, from personal to professional relationships, faulty communication is always the underlying issue to all disagreements, conflicts and disunity. Learn from your coach how to say what you mean while teaching others to listen to you effectively; creating the supportive and pr-active partnership you desire. Learn how to agree to disagree while honoring each others differences and uniqueness.

Motivational Speaker
90% of humanity does not believe in themselves wholeheartedly, they only believe in themselves enough to create what they have already created. Developing the ability to authentically and passionately speak about human potential is an art form, that takes years of contextual growth, a positive mindset and spiritual enlightenment. All people get inspired when someone other than themselves can speak into their greatness.

Youth Motivational Speaker
Its no secret that teens and pre-teens are starting to distinguish themselves from the shadows of their parents. The kids want to believe that they too, are powerful and confident enough to flap their own wings and fly on their own; just like their parents. Finding the right person that is passionate enough, cool enough and funny enough to persuade and inspire them, may be a challenge because not all motivational speakers have developed that ability. Being motivational and inspirational is not the same as doing a motivational speech.

Transformational Trainings for Teens
If you have never been in a Transformational Training before, you have no idea how profound the impact can be on the human spirit. Teens have been collecting evidence that they are not smart enough, competent enough or just out right good enough to be successful in life. They have self limiting beliefs, fears, doubts and resentment towards their parents that get in the way of their full potential. A Transformation Training is an experiential learning process and the conscious awakening that parents dream about one day for their kids; to discover their own personal power, and accepting personal responsibility for everything in their own life.

Transformational Trainings for Young Adults
When the aftershock wears off of being a teenager, now realizing that they are an adult, the fear of responsibility can be so overwhelming that it paralyzes them. Lack of confidence and uncertaintanty is at the core of their insecurities; they desperately need a powerful wake-up call to inspire them, and empower a courageous stand to go after their dreams. Learning how to operate outside their comfort zone and helping them frame new perspectives will get them feverishly excited to go out into the world and explore their passions.

Transformational Trainings for Parents
The hardest and most difficult thing to accept as a parent, is full responsibility for the relationships they have created with their children and each other. Once the parent is willing to step into this power, they can now start developing the clarity they need and the tools they lack to re-invent their relationships and their results. Parents get opportunities to re-connect with their internal truths about parenting and are able to access the answers that they have always had within themselves.

Transformational Trainings for Educators
Today’s student is not the same student that used to be, today’s student needs to be stimulated and entertained long enough to stay engaged and to learn something new. Today’s teachers, the ones that are looking to make a bigger difference in their classrooms are realizing that they need to be more passionate, interesting and and authentic enough to be able to hold the attention and interests of today’s classrooms. Learn how to ignite your internal fire in the classroom to Be dynamic, charismatic and influential.