What are Transformational Trainings?

Transformational Trainings are a life altering educational experience focused on self-awareness and leadership development. These Training’s awaken the human consciousness in such a profound way that the spirit is often re-ignited from within, by giving the youth the opportunity to complete the past and choose to live in the power of now. Self-limiting beliefs are challenged and shattered causing a paradigm shift that often results in the re-invention of one’s self.

How do the trainings help teens?

Teens get a once in a lifetime opportunity to complete their past, let go of any residual energy and start choosing to live life in the moment. They will be encouraged to step out of their personal comfort zone and challenge their fears, doubts and self-limitations. Teens gain a better understanding of their viewpoints and beliefs. They learn to stand in their personal power, such that it empowers them to make choices that will forward them in their lives. Teens are taught the importance of taking responsibility for their lives and of giving up their power when they find fault and blame in others. This training offers the opportunity to be challenged and coached in a safe and loving environment with an experienced Trainer. The Trainer is committed to creating self-awareness breakthroughs. When people re-connect with their authentic selves, they open up their consciousness to see other possibilities and options they had not seen before. Teens often experience a shift in their perspective that allows them to see alternative ways to resolve issues, get along in relationships and make new choices that create a win/win situation for everyone. The success of this training primarily comes from the powerful stand the trainer takes by holding each student to their highest. It stands to constantly remind them of who they are versus who they think they have become. The teens feverishly respond when called to action, and are often moved and inspired to step up and play big.

What happens in the trainings?

Teens come together in a group like setting; they are put through a series of experiential learning processes that has them make sense of their thoughts, feelings and their viewpoints. The context of the training is a loving and empowering container that supports and promotes self discovery through a series of lectures combined with simulated exercises, interactive games and reflective processes. The real power and value comes from student’s participation, self-evaluation and sharing.

What type of results does participating in the trainings produce?

Honor, Integrity and Pride is often reinstated in our youth through the process of accepting personal accountability for one’s behavior, choices and actions. Personal power is gained through responsibility-based principles and confidence is restored when self is realized. Most teens will immediately feel a new life force radiating from within. Often teens completing this training improve in school grades, give up their life of drug use, forgive and recommit to building new relationships, open up and engage in conversations, get a clear direction in life, choose to be proactive instead of reactive, and most of all they come out of the training with a deeper level of respect for their parents and a sense of gratitude that otherwise was taken for granted. Most mothers instinctively notice the difference in their son or daughter, because they see the inner child shining through. There is usually a genuine and joyful calmness about them with an authentic way of being. When teens are given the opportunity to re-define themselves as a magnificent being, they will often jump at the chance to do so. They discover the value of their personal growth in contrast to their knowledge and way of being. Many of their self-limiting walls collapse, masks are removed, residual pain is released and the human Spirit is liberated. Overall, upon graduation of the three-step leadership training process, the teen will show up as a powerful and confident leader with a better sense of what their contribution is to this world.

How do the trainings differ from traditional education or therapy?

Traditional education taught twenty years ago was believed to be valuable enough to pay attention to and have the desire to learn all that the world had to offer. The thought of educational value in today’s youth seems to be overshadowed by technology and instant gratification. Now days, teens seem less motivated to learn because the information is not stimulating enough. Our youth live in a fast paced society where they have access to the world at their fingertips. Traditional teachers are struggling to maintain our youth’s interest. The training offers an intense wake-up call and a reality check of the game called life. It focuses on core issues, like fear, doubt and many of the other insecurities that get in the way of a person’s maximum potential. The training is not about more information to learn, it is not about having more data to memorize, it’s about feeling alive again, it’s about experiencing the excitement of what possibilities are available to us and remembering who we are. Once the participants fully experience the awe of which they are, they are feverishly excited to start creating their goals, discovering their purposes and living an extraordinary life of success and fulfillment. Transformational trainings differ from therapy with the outlook that there is nothing needing to be fixed. There is nothing wrong with you to begin with, only the opportunity for you to continue learning about yourself so as to grow and evolve into a mature young adult and to become an outstanding citizen of your community as well as the world. Therapy is reserved to help those people whom have experienced a deep level of emotional trauma and have become very delicate in the process. Transformational trainings are for those ready to move ahead and ready to fight for a powerful, extraordinary living.

How did these trainings come into existence for teens?

Transformational Trainings have been available for over 45 years for adults whom where looking for personal and professional growth. Through the years, people have been experiencing life altering breakthroughs due to the profound shift that was made available to them as they journeyed through the process. It was obviously apparent that the time had arrived for these accelerated life lessons be taught to our younger generations so as to provide them with the necessary tools needed for them to realize that they too can become the undisputed leader and author of their own lives. The idea was to pass down a known and proven vehicle to our kids so that they could jump ahead of the learning curve of wisdom and good judgment. The trainings were created out of this comment; “If I had this kind experience when I was a teenager, my life would be at a whole other level than it is today.”

How do you know if my teen would benefit from these types of trainings?

You really don’t know. Some of life’s greatest lessons come from not knowing but trusting your intuition. This work is not about knowing, it’s about not knowing. It’s about allowing your young men and women to be in the question, allowing them to discover their own truths, letting them solve their own problems and find their own answers. Teens will find their independence by learning how to figure things out for themselves. This is what they desperately want from us; this is what they have wanted to tell us but don’t know that yet for themselves. Your job now, as a parent of a teen, is about guiding them and supporting them rather than trying to control or manage the outcome. There is nothing wrong with your kids; they are already whole and complete as they are, they are highly capable of so much more than what they think of themselves and maybe of where you have been holding them. Without this training they will get along and survive in this world just fine, but who wants to only survive when you can live strong and create anything that you desire. The Transformational experience is a privilege and an opportunity for higher learning; it’s like having an edge on the rest of humanity. It’s a chance to develop the necessary tools needed to engage outside the status quo and create something extraordinary. The Spirit training’s have been around for over 15 years. Ninety seven percent of the teens that experience this type of training have encountered deep and fulfilling experiences. They claim they have never been or seen anything like this before. These trainings are for all teenagers, the training meets people where they are in their current life and this calls them up to their next level, which ever that level may be.