Maybe you have noticed that your child is having a difficult time concentrating on their school work, or perhaps they are having challenges when it comes to listening to you when you’re giving them instructions, or asking them a question?

After working with youth for over two decades, I’ve been observing some changes happening in our children when it comes to their attention span and how easily distracted they become from one moment to the next.

One of the things I’ve been noticing about our youth is that they are really struggling to be still, to be present and to be in the moment.

The “iGeneration” grew up overstimulated with technology and I’ve been able to notice the limiting effects of it. Most young people today struggle with rapid, continuous, and uncontrollable thoughts that affects their ability to focus.

One of the ways to counterbalance this effect is the introduction of breathwork, meditation, and guided movement like Yoga; to teach self-awareness, self-discipline and to silence the mind.

When we teach children traditional ways of balancing themselves in mind, body, and spirit, we really give them the wellness tools they will need to be successful in all areas of their life.

Try to avoid getting angry, upset, annoyed or disappointed in them when you encounter one of their episodes of being distracted or having lack of focus.

It really is not their fault, it is just a byproduct of the new world they grew up in and they don’t know, what they don’t know.

What they might need from you is the extra patience on your part. The understanding that they are not aware of this dysfunction, and guide them to any methods, concepts, or self-practices that are available to course correct this generational phenomenon.

In addition, if you could really be aware of the time they spend each day being stimulated by technology, such as phone time, video games, music in their ear 24/7, or too many hours of surfing the internet, and balance that all out with some quiet time; you will be helping your child in ways they cannot even imagine.

One of the major benefits of helping your children learn how to silence their mind and be more present, is that you will give them a real good chance at being successful in relationships. Being successful in building strong relationships with people is one of the magical ingredients for overall success in this forever evolving world of technology.