About Alex Urbina

At the early age of 22yrs old, Alex Urbina attended a powerful five-day Transformational Training that would forever alter the course of his life. He experienced a profound awakening that would lead him into a journey of self-discovery and personal development. After many years of intense training and coaching sessions from some of the best Master Transformational Trainers and Leadership Mentors in the industry, he himself became a powerful coach and mentor to countless Leadership Programs for personal growth and seminar companies.

Alex Urbina married his junior high sweetheart and lives in the Santa Clarita Valley with his family of three adult children.

Alex is a veteran in the field of human potential, helping thousands of people discover their personal power. His commitment to service and contribution leads him into new and constant adventures of Transformational Trainings for teens, parents, families and relationships. He has worked with hundreds of different school districts, community centers, personal growth centers, universities and non- profits both with the states and abroad. He takes on a limited number of one-on-one clients per year including couples, coaches, educators and other trainers.

Currently, Alex has embarked on his newest venture as a radio personality, hosting an inspirational and empowering talk show called “Life Leadership with Alex Urbina” broadcasted on-air live in the Santa Clarita Valley and on the web.

Who Is Alex Urbina

My life’s purpose is to help others discover their next level of greatness, so that they can create the life of their dreams. I offer my coaching services to individuals, families, educational programs and business’s to assist their continued growth and help them create extraordinary results.
I am committed to co-create a conscious shift in humanity, helping people self-realize their full potential to create the results they seek, and a powerful, passionate and fulfilling life.
You are a thousand times more powerful than you believe about yourself, your past and the self limiting beliefs that you carry around with you would disagree with me. I will help you access the powerful and creative part of you to assist you in reaching your full potential..
I promise to be a loving, compassionate and authentic stand for your greatness; fighting for you to win in all areas of your life.

My Skills

Ability to help you see things that you’re not able to see on your own, including your own personal power and your full potential.
Ability to challenge your limitations, while inspiring you to go around, go over or breakthrough the obstacles to create new results.
Ability to help you expand your thinking, to get clarity and purpose.
Ability to always keep you moving forward, while holding you accountable for your plans, declarations and goals.

What I Can Do For You

Transformational Trainings: Re-discover your passion, your purpose and your personal power in a Transformational Training.
Workshops: Take advantage of continuing your education in a positive and encouraging environment with other like minded students that are invested in contributing to the growth of the class.
Personal Development: Discover a lifetime of interpersonal breakthroughs with one-on-one coaching to help you reach your full potential and start creating extra ordinary results now.

My Happy Clients

“I love Alex’s coaching style, he has an iron fist with a velvet glove. He calls me out when I need it, in such a caring way without judgment. For the first time in an long time I am super excited about creating an amazing life; I am now playing to WIN! In just a few short weeks I see my life in a whole new light; nothing beats that feeling of feeling unstoppable… Thank you Alex!”
Tami Lindahl, Certified Biggest Loser Pro and Weight Loss Specialist
“Alex Urbina’s teen and parent workshops are awe inspiring and introspective for the families we serve. He has a genuine and compassionate connection with the participants, which inspires them to participate fully. I have personally attended one of his workshops and walked away feeling empowered, I was able to open up and express my thoughts and feelings; helping me get clarity about my relationships.”
Deputy Tim Ferrone, Santa Clarita Valley Sherrif’s Dept. VIDA
“Alex is all heart, with the skills to cut through all the self-limitations we adopt, while trying to justify why our lives are not where we wish them to be. He has helped me in my marriage, with my friends and in my business. I Love Alex Urbina!”
Dr. Thomas Polucki
“As a mother of five children, (three of whom have experienced Alex’s trainings,) I encourage all mothers to stand for their teens and young adults to be in any and all of Alex’s workshops. Alex has a way about him that makes people feel loved, empowered and inspired, all while being challenged and called up to another level of your full potential. They have a new zest for life and learned some valuable life lessons that I wish I had learned at their age.”
Jerri Jorgensen, Family Liaison, Desert Solace
“Alex’s workshops and coaching has been life changing for our family. He’s helped us discover the tools within us to re-create a loving connection and re-invent our relationships with our kids, family, friends and employees that produces tangible results. We’ve been through years of counseling and have worked with countless therapists; Alex Urbina is the whole package! His experiential trainings are powerful and heartfelt; they need to be in every school system and should be a requirement for all youth, all families in every educational institute that promotes better living and well-being.”
Carl Goldman, Jeri Seratti-Goldman, Co-owners KHTS Radio
“In my 30 years as an educator, I have never had an outside instructor come into a high school and make such an immediate impact with the students like Alex Urbina.”It’s like Alex speaks a certain language that only teens can hear, he is absolutely amazing!”
Marilyn McGrath, California State Commissioner – Dept. of Education
“The Teen Life Leadership Training is unlike anything that I have ever seen, and Alex Urbina is as unique and inspiring as they come. Alex and his teen leadership training continues to be one of the underlying factors to our success with the teenagers, their parents and the families of our community.”
Ofelia Hernandez, Mayor, City of Huntington Park
“It is very difficult to put onto words what your trainings has done for these kids and some of the tiny miracles that I’ve seen them create for themselves! The change I have seen in the lives of my students is breath-taking. In my years of counseling, there is nothing that compares to the satisfaction of witnessing the transformation of my students’ lives. What would normally take me a year of counseling a student, Alex Urbina you can accomplish in 2 days, that is unbelievable! I am glad that we found you!””
Estele Peregrina, High School Counselor
“A man who has left footprints and a legacy in the Hispanic community, especially in our youth… Alex Urbina, visionary leader, whom I deeply admire and respect for taking a stand and role model for many, for contributing to the creation of a new reality for our future generations. In my experience, Alex is a committed, loving, and loyal transformational trainer and coach. He is a great friend and source of inspiration.  HE IS A GIVER AS A HUMAN BEING”
Patricia Villamil
“I have had the pleasure of working with Alex Urbina as well as having many coaching conversations with him about leadership over the years. He is a master at understanding how get to the heart of your “story”, acknowledging it, and coaching you into choosing your future. Your past doesn’t have to dictate your future, and Alex knows how to work with you to understand this. Everyone has a story, and we also have a future to create. Alex can coach you while you to create the life you want and be the best most powerful you, you can be.”
Amber Raskin
“Alex Urbina had a huge influence on me and my personal growth. His workshops have challenged and stretched my personal growth beyond belief, and because of Alex’s commitment to me and his huge heart, I am now following my passions and dreams in leadership for the ministry. Trust me when I say that you will be radically changed and your perspective on life and yourself will change drastically for the better! You will never regret sharing a moment with Alex Urbina and know that he sees your true worth and value.”
Justin Gray
“I came to Alex with a “help me fix my kids” attitude. After working with him, I soon realized that it was their father that needed the fixing. His message is beautiful. Be compassionate and be vulnerable. He has helped my family and me more than I can convey in this testimonial. Go talk to the man yourself for a fresh perspective on life. I still check back with him every now and again for reminders and he’s always there with that same consistent message. Thank you for being there Alex.”
Roby Marshall
“I personally have had the privilege to witness the transformation Alex has caused in the lives of many people. He has made a difference in the lives of countless families and individuals. He is an expert at what he does, and one of the best coaches I have ever worked with. He is a complete natural at what he does and comes from his heart. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone if you want true transformation in your life!”
Davette Wheat
“Alex knows teens! He helped my teenage boy so much, he turned his life completely around.  He is smart, caring and overall your best choice to get your teenager on the right track!”
Dana Turner
“As an educational professional and co-creator of a non-profit transformational center, engaging in a coaching relationship with Alex has been a phenomenal experience. Collaborating with Alex broadened my exposure to tools that I currently utilize with staff and contractors. The personal and professional awareness I built during the four-months coaching with Alex has built my confidence and clarity to manifest my goals . Alex has a powerful presence and relates to everyone. I encourage you to take advantage of the wisdom Alex has developed and partner with him today!”
E. Celestina Garcia, Community Leadership Foundation Director, Trainer/Facilitator, Coach
“There are times in our lives we come into contact with people.Why or how my path in life would cross with Alex on a Saturday morning early 2009 is more than I will ever know. After an afternoon with Alex and a group of people in his training ,something started to happen to me and I began to feel lighter, in touch with my inner-self and very connected to Alex and the group.I felt as if something was speaking through Alex and it was reaching me. That weekend with the group and Alex was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.Alex battled and fought for my greatness. He supported me to get through to the other side and finally reconnect with my heart.What I had been searching for was with me the whole time.I had just forgot how to use it. Alex has a way and a gift with people that he uses in such a profound way, he changed my life forever. Because of Alex I get to live extraordinary today and I love it !! I am a better man to myself to others and the world today.I now wear my heart on my sleeve. Thank you Alex for everything you are to me and the world.You truly are a gift to everyone that has the opportunity to be in your presence and experience your trainings and coaching.”
Matthew Woods