Evolve Life Center SCV is hosting my Empowering Teens Workshop in Santa Clarita on March 2nd and 3rd, 2019.

One of the biggest mistakes average parents make when it comes to raising children is assuming that intellect is the same as emotional intelligence.

After twenty-three years of empowering teenagers, I have learned so much about them.

Here is what I have learned:

  • Teenagers have some major insecurities that get in the way of the emotional development they will need, in order to become competent leaders in the world.
  • Most teenagers do a great job at hiding the fact that they are more insecure and incompetent than they really are.
  • Subscribing to the victim theology, they never really learn how to take responsibility for their own life, and seldom discover their true personal power.
  • Most teenagers don’t really know who they are, therefore seek validation, and a approval from others; often leading them to follow bad influences or risky behaviors.
  • When given the chance to rise up and discover their inner champion in a safe and loving setting, they almost emphatically do.
  • Most teens don’t listen to their parents because they have become parent deaf. When introduced to powerful, authentic and positive influencers, they open their ears, they open their hearts and allow themselves to learn, discover and grow.

I’ve been empowering teens for many years all over the world, at the most highest, deepest, and most profound ways. Most teens will not want to go on their own, so you might have to get creative; but I promise it will be worth the it.

Give your teenager a true gift this year. Let them be a part of a magical, inspirational, empowering weekend of self-discovery and personal growth; they will thank you for it.

Alex Urbina is a Transformational Family Life Coach and a veteran Transformational Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Radio Personality, and Author of “The Inspirational Parent.”

Seats are limited and we are now offering a discount for early registration.

To register now:

Alex Urbina is a Transformational Family Life Coach, relationship Expert, Motivational Speaker, Radio Personality, and Author.  he is recognized as one of the leading experts in Transformational Trainings for teens, empowering youth all over the world. Alex offers his training to his own community (the Santa Clarita Valley) a few times a year, so don’t miss it!


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Posted by Evolve Life Center For Learning on Saturday, February 16, 2019