The Teen Life Leadership Training is a powerful, two-day, experiential workshop designed to enhance self-awareness, self-love, and self-leadership for all teenagers ages 13-17.

Most teens do not fully comprehend the direct impact they have on their own success, and the results that are being created by their choices; they are at some level, unconscious to the magnitude of personal power they possess.

The Teen Life Leadership Training is the wake up call that all teenagers need to feel alive again, to dream again, and to know themselves as mature, responsible and capable young adults whom their parents believe them to be.

The workshop offers direct and powerful exercises where teens get to examine their own viewpoints and identify the self-limitations that get in the way of their maximum potential. Once identified, the students get multiple opportunities to break through some of their fears, doubts, and other insecurities that inhibit self-expression, self-worth, and the self-confidence they need to be living extraordinary lives.

Teens throughout the workshop are challenged and inspired to dig down deep and find that inner champion; the leader within.

More importantly, the Teen Life Leadership Training is an awareness tool for teens to come to their own conclusions, that they may want more out of life, than what they have currently settled for.

When teens learn how to overcome their self-limitations and realize their full potential, they get feverishly excited to live responsibly, be independent, and thrive for success.

Give your teen the ultimate gift, the opportunity to create their own personal freedom, and discover the passion that may one day lead them to live a purpose-driven life and be ultimately fulfilled!