Team Building Workshops

A Team Building Workshop is a powerful tool for business owners, executives, administrators, senior management and or any other leaders with a team and a goal. Alex takes his 20 year experience leading, empowering and inspiring teams to reach their full potential; by aligning the team behind a common vision, and unifying each others intentions to create extraordinary results. Alex uses his other gifts of effective communication and relationships, fusing them all together to create a powerful bonding experience of connectedness and synergy. Alex knows how to get teams outside their box of limitations, where they can make new course corrections and adjustments in their pursuit of excellence. Alex uses various experiential exercises and thought provoking games to create discovery, development and improvement.


Relationship Workshops

A Relationship Workshop gives people the opportunity to learn, discover and re-invent their ability to relate to themselves and others. This workshop challenges the limiting beliefs that people have created about relationships, and it helps them attain a deeper understanding, and a deeper meaning of love; so that they can be successful in their affairs. This workshop will open up new possibilities for people to get themselves to a new state of awareness, and finally figure out why they keep creating the same results over and over in their current relationships. In this workshop people will start to work on a new and improved map, to help guide them and keep them moving forward in life; creating the kinds of relationships that they only dream about. In a lifetime, most people don’t put an authentic investment into educating themselves in the area of relationships and yet, when asked what area of their life matters most to them; relationships is the most common answer.


Effective Communication Workshops

Communication is an art-form that some people do really well and others do not. The ones that do it really well, find peace and happiness in their relationships because communication is the key to success in all affairs. Knowing how to articulate your thoughts, feelings, and intentions really well can eliminate 80% of confusion, disappointment, anger, resentment, fear, misunderstanding and arguments all together. Learning how to effectively express your thoughts, feelings and emotions is the icing on the cake to creating extraordinary relationships. Furthermore, extraordinary relationships are the foundation to all family success as well as business success; yet focusing on its growth and development seems to be the last on the list of priorities. Wise and successful people in life, consciously know this secret and spend the rest of their life learning and practicing this art-form while enjoying the benefits of peace, joy and fulfillment.