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If you’re seeking successful results in one or more areas of your life, Life Coach Alex Urbina can help get you from where you are, to where you want to be. For the last 20 years, Alex has been coaching, training, mentoring and inspiring people to create the life of their dreams. Alex has taught thousands of teens, parents, couples, families, entrepreneurs, and educators to access their full potential in relationships; to achieve maximum results and interpersonal fulfillment.

Alex is a powerful innovator of Transformational Trainings for teens, parents and families. He is masterful in being the interruption to the self-limiting beliefs, behavior patterns and underlying issues that get in the way of one’s personal growth and success.

Be Successful - Alex Urbina - Life Coach
Life Coach - Alex Urbina

What separates Alex Urbina’s life coach capabilities from other professionals, is his unique ability to open up new possibilities for people, that they were unable to see on their own. He has developed a way about himself that makes people feel safe to open-up, and discover their own answers and interpersonal breakthroughs.

You can tune-in live every Monday afternoon from 1PM to 2PM to hear Alex Urbina on his radio show Life Leadership on KHTS AM 1220 in Santa Clarita or  listen to the Life Leadership Show With Alex Urbina Podcast.

Rediscover your passion, rediscover your freedom, and rediscover your power!

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Hosts: Alex Urbina
Topic: Personal Growth and a new style of learning and being 
Guests: SCVi Charter School Facilitators

October 20, 2014

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