The wise parent understands the struggles of a teenager. We understand that our teenage kids are at a point in their life, when they want to know themselves as powerful, confident young adults, but struggle with the know-how.

We understand that they are torn between establishing a sense of independence while still being told what to do. We understand that they are frustrated with the inability to communicate effectively and not knowing how to articulate accurately.

It is the wise parent that can notice these struggles, and is able to shift into the compassionate place necessary, and to not take it personally.

We understand that it is our job to teach them how to communicate effectively and express themselves wholeheartedly, through our example in the relationship that we have with them.

We understand that to really help our teenagers grow, they need for us to be vulnerable, yet assured in ourselves when we interact with them; patiently empowering them to think for themselves.

We understand that we need to give them the space to practice the art-form of communication, needing room to attempt and fail safely without our own fears, attacks, judgments, and ridicule.

More importantly, we understand that, we the conscious parent are 100 percent accountable for the way our children show up in their lives.  We are wise enough to know that those results are a direct reflection of our parenting, and we use those results as a way to correct our course and our efforts accordingly.

Stay tuned for the new book called, “The Conscious Dad. “

Alex Urbina is one of the leading experts on Teen, Parent, and Family Relationships. His vast experience in human potential and personal development has made him one of the premier Family Life Coaches in Personal Transformation and an international trainer.

His experiential Life Leadership Trainings are being implemented in various schools, youth organizations and Transformational Centers across the country, helping to empower people to discover their personal power and to realize their full potential.

Alex is a resident of the Santa Clarita Valley and has a live weekly radio show called “My Conscious Dad”, on the Hometown Station KHTS AM-1220 every Friday at 1 p.m.  This information will enable you to continuously educate you on teen and family relationships; by being the undisputed self-leader in your own life.