The “Young Adult Life Class” is a two-day experiential workshop designed to help young people between the ages 18-25 to identify for themselves the self-limitations that get in the way of their maximum potential.

It’s no secret that human beings create limiting beliefs about themselves and the world that obstructs the personal growth that is necessary to be fulfilled in their relationships and be accomplished in life.

Nowadays it takes more than a college education to navigating the extraordinary challenges of adulthood, leadership and success in the 21st century; it takes self-knowledge, a heightened awareness and an accurate perspective of reality.

The Life Class is powerful and life-altering wake-up call for young adults; it helps people create the powerful perspective shifts needed to be able to see the unlimited possibilities available to them. Unlike any other class that provides information, this workshop serves the context of each human being at the core level.

Most high schools and or colleges do not properly prepare their students by challenging and or developing their moral character or the emotional intelligence it takes to be the undisputed author and leaders of our own lives.

This training helps individual’s learn and realize some of the accelerated life lessons and wisdom of extraordinary living, without the 20 to 60 years of trail and error.

Here are some of the personal breakthroughs and “aha” moments that past students of the training have realized by fully participating:

  • “I realized that other people have had a much more difficult life than me, I am more appreciative of my own family and the life I was given.”
  • “I realized that I am so powerful that what I focus on I create more of. I discovered that I need to focus more on the solutions to my problems rather than the problems itself.
  • “I realized that worrying about things that I have absolutely no control over inhibits me from experiencing the joys and blessings that the new moment brings me.”
  • “I realized that I cannot please everyone; that I get to live my life for me and to follow my own passion and find my own purpose.”
  • “I realized that my parents have always been there for me, I just couldn’t see it. I am grateful for this new way at looking at my life.”
  • “I realized that I am 100% responsible for my life, I cannot keep blaming others for my unhappiness, my results, or my circumstances. I am powerful when I am accountable for my thoughts, choices and actions.”
  • “I realized how much I pretend that everything in my life is fine, that I am strong and that I can handle it all. I kept stuffing it all in until I exploded. I get to be more self-expressive and share with the people I trust most in my life instead of hiding in my room and shutting people out of my life.”
  • “I realized that I care more about what others think of me rather than what I think of me. My opinion is all that should matter.”
  • “I realized that I want things to be perfect, if it’s not perfected it means that I am not perfect. I realize that I am too hard on myself and that I get to be more compassionate and forgiving of myself.”
  • “I realized that I am not enjoying the precious moments that life offers me, I am too busy in my head worrying about things that I cannot control. I learned that I cannot be in two places at once, I cannot be in my mind and present at the same time.”
  • “I realized that I do not need the approval of others to be loved, appreciated or validated.”
  • “I realized that holding grudges is wasted energy, tiring and sabotaging my happiness.”
  • “I realized that complaining and feeling sorry for myself is shallow and renders me powerless. It was the game I was playing to get attention and to be validated. I don’t need to do that anymore.”
  • “I realized that I was getting a payoff from being jealous of others. My payoff was attention and pity; it’s not what I want for myself.”
  • “I realized that I don’t need to compete with anyone, I just need to give it my absolute best. My best is good enough.”
  • “I realized that all of my relationships that are not working is because I am not giving them 100%, I was more committed to blaming others rather than being loving, compassionate and understanding.”
  • “I realized that I unconsciously doubt myself, and therefore do not take the risks or actions necessary to achieve or accomplish my goals. That is a big one for me to learn, I am glad that I was able to see that now rather than 20 years from now.”
  • “I realized that I am the only one getting in my way of my dreams turning out.”
  • “I realized that hanging out in my mind and swimming around in the fear is not going to have me take decisive actions. Mustering up the courage to have my dreams turn out will!”
  • “I realized that I look for others to make me happy, I now know that I am the only one who can make me happy; true happiness comes from within.”
  • “I realized that I couldn’t find happiness from buying more things, the new shoes, the hottest looking dress, the purse, or the latest trend.”
  • “I realized that I never really left my past behind, that I keep holding on to my past as a crutch or excuse get sympathy from others. That was a real eye opener for me.”
  • “I realized that I keep letting my past spill into the now and I keep re-creating old versions of yesterday. I get to live in present moment and see things as they are.”
  • “I realized that I let my past mistakes stop me from having the courage to go for my dreams. Biggest wake-up call ever!”
  • “I realized that I am trying to be someone that I am not. I discovered that I have an EGO and I have traded in who I really am for this fictitious character that I want the world to see me as.”
  • “I realized that I let people walk all over me; my spirit is slowly dying because of it. I get to continue to be worthy enough to stand up for myself.”
  • “I realized that I am the meaning maker to everything. I am interpreting my own reality through my own beliefs and perceptions. I am the one that has to change how I see things in order for my life to change. Wow! Amazing!”
  • “I realized that when I run from my problems they don’t just disappear, I make it worse for myself. I get to take them on head on and handle it.”
  • “I realized that the people I hang around the most is influencing my mindset, my beliefs, my actions and my results. I get to start hanging out with people that are bettering themselves in life, so that I can better myself.”

Workshop Information:

Where: Santa Clarita (TBD)

Dates & Times: Friday April 8th 2016 7pm – 10pm & Saturday April 9th 2016 10am – 6pm

Registration Fee: $125

To Register: email: or call 661-505-5021