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Life Coach Alex Urbina's life purpose is to help others discover their next level of greatness, so that they can create the life of their dreams. Alex Urbina offers coaching services to individuals, families, educational programs and business’s to assist their continued growth and help them create extraordinary results.
22 02, 2017

Extraordinary Relationships Workshop With Alex Urbina – April 8-9 At SCVi Charter School

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Alex Urbina’s Extraordinary Relationships Workshop returns to the Santa Clarita Valley on Saturday and Sunday, April 8thth and 9th, 2017 at SCVi Charter School in Castaic, CA.

The Extraordinary Relationships Workshop is an advanced level enrichment training program for adults 18 and over who want to elevate their relationships from average/great to extraordinary.

The two day workshop will […]

15 12, 2016

Teen Life Leadership Training With Alex Urbina – February 11-12, 2017 at SCVi Charter School

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Alex Urbina’s Teen Life Leadership Training returns to the Santa Clarita Valley on Saturday and Sunday, February 11th and 12th, 2017 at SCVi Charter School in Castaic, CA.
The Teen Life Leadership Training is a powerful, life altering, two-day personal development workshop that is designed to help teenagers discover and access more of their own […]

25 04, 2016

The Relationship Course

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People who are extraordinary at building relationships seem to be successful in all areas of their life. They have developed specific abilities that enable them to connect with themselves and others that produce joyful and fulfilling experiences that most people yearn for.
Over the last twenty plus years as a Life Coach in the […]

4 03, 2016

Young Adult Life Class

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The “Young Adult Life Class” is a two-day experiential workshop designed to help young people between the ages 18-25 to identify for themselves the self-limitations that get in the way of their maximum potential.
It’s no secret that human beings create limiting beliefs about themselves and the world that obstructs the personal growth that […]

9 12, 2015

How To Help My Teenager

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The wise parent understands the struggles of a teenager. We understand that our teenage kids are at a point in their life, when they want to know themselves as powerful, confident young adults, but struggle with the know-how.
We understand that they are torn between establishing a sense of independence while still being told what […]

4 12, 2015

The Conscious Parent Training

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In this powerful two-day training, you will learn and discover:

* Powerful insight on on the millennials (Y) and the boomlets (Z) to be a more effective parent.

* How to communicate more powerfully, and effectively to your kids, and your spouse.

* The magical ingredient that is missing from your parenting style, that empowers and inspires […]

6 11, 2014

Parenting: Helping Parents Help Their Children

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For many years, I have been sought out by parents, desperately seeking answers and wanting me to help their children change.
Quite often parents come to me frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, and discouraged.  /they complain about how their teen or pre-teen is acting out, by talking back, being depressed, disconnected, defiant, and in many other ways.
They […]

31 10, 2014

What I Learned About Teenagers

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by Alex Urbina
After 17 years of service delivering one of the most powerful, emotional, and inspirational leadership trainings for teens in the world, I have learned a few things.
I have learned that most teenagers do not ask for help when they really need it; most of them don’t even know that help is needed, […]

23 10, 2014

Extraordinary Parenting

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by Alex Urbina
My job as a Life Coach is to help average and ordinary people, step up to become extraordinary; people willing to take a deep and honest look at themselves and live in the question.

Have you ever questioned your ability to parent effectively?

In today’s advanced world of technology and the many distractions you […]