Tween Life Leadership Training

Alex Urbina is a Teen & Parenting Expert and World Renowned Transformational Teen Trainer.  He is hosting for the very first time in his own community a Transformational Training for Pre-Teens ages 8 to 12 years old.

Alex’s Transformational Trainings are a very unique experience. Alex empowers youth to strive to be their very best, enrolling them into seeing their own self-worth and develop self-confidence.  He inspires adolescence to want to learn and discover their own greatness; by virtue of reminding them how truly extraordinary they “really” are.

Most parents have no clue to the kinds of self-doubt, fears, self-limiting beliefs and other insecurities that our children struggle with, not because we are not paying attention; but because kids are the best at never letting us see it.

Kids are masterful at pretending that everything is ok, until they hit their own breaking point.

Give your child a gift of a lifetime, let them be empowered and celebrated for the true gift that they are for the world, and inspired to start their own journey of self-improvement and personal development; It could just be the difference between living a purpose driven life and settling for the status quo.

What happens in the training room:


  • Learn powerful life and leadership distinctions
  • Open up and share in a group setting where they get to be seen, heard and validated
  • Challenge their own self-limitations
  • Get opportunities to overcome some of their own interpersonal fears
  • Learn how to access their own courage and how-to breakthrough the self-doubts
  • Get to experience being a part of a powerful team that is bigger than one’s self
  • Are given constant opportunities to challenge themselves out of their own comfort zone
  • Find ways to engage, communicate and interact with each other developing higher-level social skills

To register now:

Alex Urbina is a Transformational Family Life Coach, relationship Expert, Motivational Speaker, Radio Personality, and Author.  he is recognized as one of the leading experts in Transformational Trainings for teens, empowering youth all over the world. Alex offers his training to his own community (the Santa Clarita Valley) a few times a year, so don’t miss it!