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About Us

We are so excited to be offering this new personal growth adventure into the educational process of developing the whole and complete child. Our new learning center is created with the intention to empower your child/children to become the self-aware, self- empowered leaders you envision them to be.

Our Youth Leadership Program is our main course. In addition, we will be offering courses by new thought facilitators, to draw out the wisdom from your child/children rather than trying to tell your child/children what, and how they should think.

Our learning center is an emotional intelligence-based program, we have designed it to help your child/children embrace and experience their own thoughts, emotions and feelings, while figuring out how to learn from their own experiences.

Our main focus is to empower and inspire your child/children to be a lifelong learner of self-discovery. We believe that happy, healthy, passionate and purposeful leaders start with the understanding that personal growth never stops.

We have interwoven our curriculums to fit into the required courses from the state board of education.

Let us empower your child/children to discover his/her own personal power. We invite you to call us to discuss and explore more possibilities about your child’s full potential; we can’t wait to talk with you.





Alex Urbina

Alex Urbina is a Teen and Parenting Expert with over twenty-four years of experience working in the field of Transformational Leadership and Human Development. Alex is a master teen trainer, responsible for empowering and inspiring thousands of teens all over the world through his own powerful two-day Teen Leadership Program.

One of the unique interpersonal gifts that Alex has developed is his ability to connect with people in a loving, playful and inviting way to look and challenge one’s self.

In addition to transformational trainings, Alex is a distinguished advanced life coach, author, of “The Inspirational Parent” a Radio Personality and Motivational Speaker. Now, Alex is once again fulfilling another life-long dream of bringing awareness to youth in the educational system with his new business partner Erin Acquaviva.







Erin Acquaviva

Erin Acquaviva is Co-Owner and CEO of Evolve Life Center for Learning. She has spent the last 20 years pursuing and working in the field of education. She holds a Single Subject Credential in Social Science and a Masters Degree in Education. She has taught junior high and high school students for the past 14 years and the last 3 of those also include facilitating home school students grades K-12.

Erin embarked on her journey in transformational leadership two years ago. While discovering her own light and having her own awakening to living consciously, she knew she wanted this kind of learning and empowerment of self for her own children and others. She realized the importance of emotional intelligence and the role it plays in individuals living out their purpose in a healthy, balanced way.

Upon Erin’s own conscious awakening she has learned about the alternative choices that are available to families when it comes to educating their children and decided to jump into home schooling her own two children with the inspiration to open her own Learning Center based on emotional intelligence.

Erin and Alex’s paths have crossed and so has their vision of transformational education in our youth. Together they present…


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